Practicing Writing #1

I don’t know if you, my reader, has noticed but since I have revamped my blog, I have been trying to post a new post every other day.  Yesterday was the first day that I missed and normally I would apologize but today it made me realize that maybe posting every other day is too ambitious.  So, I am going to try to post at least every 2 or 3 days.  In a previous post, I had mentioned that I wanted to practice writing and what better way to start than today.  So, I’ve been trying to look for some writing exercises online and found a site that had a list of fifteen writing exercises.  The one I am going to attempt is to write a description of a place.  I’ve decided to try to describe to you guys my workplace without actually telling you what I do, where I work or what the machines are but I’m sure you can guess.

When I close my eyes for a second to try to catch my breath as I continue to work, I hear everything, all the machines running at full speed.  First, I hear the papers being snatched up and spat out in front of me.  The sharpness of the sound makes my hands feel dry as I imagine the warm paper being spewed out feeling dry and stale between my fingers.  Then in one corner, I hear the steady sounds of the gears turning and chomping away on a different machine.  In the other corner, I hear a low rumbling rolling sound of a few machines as they are turned on for use.  Occasionally, I’d hear a low squeak coming from one of the machines.  Behind me, I hear the phone ring but ignore it as I hear paper being rolled out and rolled back in.  The machine starts buzzing as the ink swishes back and forth on the paper making the paper feeling tacky till the ink dries.  Then I hear a machine beeping in the corner and I’m back to work.

I know I have a lot to improve but hope you enjoyed the post anyways.

❤ sarah


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